Our Cap Services

Repair & Replace

Is your chimney in need of repair? Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to ol’ faithful and replace your chimney altogether? Cap repair/replace

The trained, skilled and knowledgeable technicians in our team can both repair and replace outdated or faulty chimneys which are no longer suitably safe for your home. From light repairs and maintenance, to full-blown chimney replacements, We offer professional services for all of your repair and replacement needs.


Homes whose heat and cooling do not function at their best may be suffering from the lack of a quality damper. Dampers provide homes with energy saving efficiency and are a perfect solution to the loss of heat or air conditioning, in addition to solving issues of moisture and musty fumes. Dampers

Alpharetta's Chimney Sweep Company can install a quality damper on your chimney to help keep your home’s heating and cooling systems functioning properly. Each of our skilled chimney specialists can provide information about our damper services and show you how a damper on your chimney could save you dollars on your energy bills.

Chase Cover

If you experience excess moisture in your home, it may be time to consider a chase cover.

Chase Covers Chase covers seal off chimneys to prevent moisture from entering your home. Installing a chase cover can help keep your home moisture-free! we offer such installation services by providing customers the skills and experiences our technicians bring to each job. Keep moisture and dampness from invading your home by having a knowledgeable professional install a chase cover on your chimney today.

Custom Make

Water damage and moisture are two of the leading causes of most home repair issues; such damage can result in costly repair or replacement fees, ultimately forcing you to spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on repairing your home.

Custom Make At Alpharetta's Chimney Sweep Company, we offer our customers the option of having chimney tops, shrouds, caps and more custom made to meet their needs and specifications. Damage prevention is key, but style and aesthetics can also be important to homeowners, hence why we make custom-made chimney accessories. We go to great pains to ensure our custom-made chimney services reflect the style and protection you’re searching for when it comes to your chimney.

If you’re interested in a custom-made top, shroud or other addition to your chimney, don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your needs. We’re happy to work with your customers collaboratively to deliver a quality, custom made product to exceed their expectations, and needs.

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